What doesn’t kill me should’ve tried harder






This is how I proposed to my girlfriend - she said yes!


The former home of Anton LaVey, the founder of The Church of Satan.

devannnnchapman asked: If you were in Canada you could stay here our door is always open to a friend, hope all is well! :)

You my friend are a wonderful person. Thank you.

Anonymous asked: are u ok lady? :,( <3


Anonymous asked: You're proud of your son, but you don't ever talk about him? And it doesn't look like you spend any time with him considering your lifestyle

My son is 9 months old, I don’t have to share anything about him on tumblr. If you knew ANYTHING about my lifestyle and the things I do, you wouldn’t be saying that you ignorant piece of shit.


Okay if you can’t fuck with a person because of:

  • Pubic hair
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars 
  • Any other natural occurrence of the human form

You aren’t really worthy of it anyway




1. the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis; the adult form of an insect.

2. Psychology: an often idealized image of a person, usually a parent, formed in childhood and persisting unconsciously into adulthood.

Etymology: from New Latin, Latin imāgō (image).

[Jim des Rivieres]


Stefan Sinclair
"Allow yourself to really feel it, and embrace it in the heart through the breath. Allow all remembrances and pains to be felt fully without suppressing any. This is how you will bring forth your healing, increment by increment. As you inhale it through the breath, your GodSelf will dissolve and heal those imprints forever. Ask your Higher Self to assist you in uncovering those records that are holding you back from unfolding your new glorious reality." (via starahstardust)

Anonymous asked: have you or would you ever be romantic with a girl?

Yes and probably.

Anonymous asked: what are you most proud of?

My son.